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Roel van der Wal, artist and portraitist


Hello... Welcome! ... nice of you to visit my site ... enjoy yourself and ... thank you in advance ... Roel. 


In this presentation you can read about Roel's work and see a number of his paintings. Click on a button at the top to see the various surveys of portraits, landscapes, waterworks and so on. There is also a link to his most recent work.

I think the options are not difficult to understand. If you are not sure what a word means, just click, and you will see. If you're wrong: just try again. :-)))

'Bloemen', by the way are flowers and 'dieren' is the Dutch word for animals. The 'Kunstenaar' is the artist.


Roel feels related to 'Northern Realism', i.e. a way of painting by painters like Pieter Pander, Peter Durieux, Henk Helmantel, Douwe Elias and many others who work in the North-East of Holland. See

Like the painters mentioned above, Roel paints both accurately and freely and takes all the time he needs for a canvas.

Although he works in a more or less realistic style he explores the possibilities of abandoning reality to its maximum and in doing so create a new world. Sometimes even more beautiful than the original.




Roel does not want to restrict himself to one subject or one style. “I do not want a ring through my nose”, he says. “Painting is so much fun and there are  still so many things to be discovered.”

You’ll find his own style is in his touch, his choice of subjects and colours and particularly in his eye for detail.

Roel occasionally works with silver or wax. Wax items are cast in bronze of which you see an example here:



Most of Roel's works are made on request. Some belong to his private collection and some are for sale.If there is no red ball or the text 'privé collectie' next to the pictures,  it means that the painting can be purchased.


For further information please contact Roel van der Wal through the 'CONTACT'  link,  send an e-mail to info at or dial